Ino-Blocks: A Series is Born!

The mass-production of 8 textile axle blocks from the Ino-Block range has begun! Ino-Rope’s design team has been working hard on a set of improvements to make a successful, accomplished product. A bundle of innovation 100% made in France!IB Family


All IB Blocks mass-produced:

Following the example of the IB 2.4 and 3.6, their 6 older sisters (IB 5.4, IB 7.2, IB 9, IB 12, IB 15 and IB 18) are now mass-produced. Textile Axle Technology (TAT), providing unequalled weight-efficiency/reliability ratio, is now available for working loads ranging from 800kg to 6t. The broad range of “sizes” allows you to find the perfect block easily!


A new sheave for increased efficiency:

Before setting off in the series production of the IB, the Ino-Rope team focused on the details to provide a top product, at the height of technological innovation. The sheave was modified to gain in efficiency: its shape was optimized to reduce the contact surface with the loop, and thus reduce friction.


Soft cases to avoid damage:

Originally, IB were designed with plastic cases. Other than its lightness, the advantage of this material is that it avoids damage caused to the blocks’ cases or to the boat when the sails flog. The design team, in association with Actuaplast, improved the concept by designing an even softer plastic to increase the blocks’ reliability and lifespan.

A becket to assemble purchase 3:1:

A textile becket system was also developed to offer the possibility of assembling purchase 3:1 with IB. This is particularly adapted to backstay hoists. The becket Ino-Block is a simple, light and efficient solution, in line with Ino-Rope’s philosophy. What we love… and your sailboat will too!

A more compact format and new design:

IB also improved in compactness: take a look at the IB 18’s dimensions, who’d have thought it could bear a work load of 6t? When you have it hand, it’s even harder to believe! You aren’t dreaming: IB are the blocks of the future. And to celebrate the new series’ launch, the IB sports a new dress: a more modern design with a stunning unpolished aspect.

 IB Records:

- Banque Populaire (IMOCA 60 footer), skipped by Armel Le Cléac’h, winner of The Transat
– PRB (IMOCA 60 footer), skipped by Vincent Riou, 2nd position in “The Transat”
– Maître-Coq (IMOCA 60 footer), skipped by Jérémie Béyou, winner of the Transat New York-Vendée
– Le Souffle du Nord (IMOCA 60 footer), skipped by Thomas Ruyan, winner of the Trophée SNSM
– Griffon (Mini 6.50), skipped by Ian Lipinski, winner of all the races (prototype ranking) since the beginning of the year.

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