Ino-Rope: A Flourishing Company!

Spring is here so we’ve decided to let loose with a play on words in our title! This month, we’re going to present Ino-Block news in ascending order: from the smallest to the largest.

In The Pipeline:

This month’s saying could well be: “Small is beautiful”. Sure enough, Ino-Rope is work-ing on textile blocks for low loads (around 150kg working load). Blocks for all kinds of uses: rigging on light dinghies, lazy jack blocks or even stacking tackle blocks…

New Developments at Ino!:

News from the big boys. After Armel Le Cléac’h (skipper of Banque Populaire VIII), it’s Thomas Ruyant’s turn to place his trust in the Ino-Rope team. Le Souffle du Nord pour le Projet Imagine will become a life-size floating laboratory for Ino-Blocks. The IMOCA 60 footer will be equipped by Ino-Rope from masthead to toe!


Ino-Bock, The sailing block:

And now, even bigger boats (yep, even a 60 footer can be a “small” sailboat): after having provided good and faithful service on board Wally 80, the Ino-Blocks are back at Ino-Rope. The opportunity to draw technical feedback after a year’s sailing. We’ll let you know the results. We are rather confident and hope that, like the ones that sailed 7,000 miles on board Banque Populaire VIII, the IB will show no sign of wear. And to end the big shots chapter, this magnificent Wally 80 will be the first boat to be equipped with the brand new Ino-Block range.


Partner of the month:

Ino-Blocks continue to conquer the world: they are now internationally distributed by the German website, a benchmark in terms of running and standing rigging so-lutions.

Fan of the month:

This month, Axel Tréhin, who finished second in the Mini Transat 2015, shares his thoughts: “I equipped my Mini 6.50 with Ino-Blocks. I had to change the old blocks because to push the limits and be efficient in extreme conditions you need to be confident about the boat’s abilities! Mini 6.50 are very powerful boats. I chose Ino-Blocks because they are light and reliable, just what we love in racing!”

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