Ino-Rope reinvents blocks with the IB 3.6

9 November 2014

Developed by Ino-Rope, the IB 3.6 is a brand new block concept with unique textile technology.
A concentration of innovation that you can discover at the METS from 18th to 20th November in Amsterdam (stall 01-817).

The IB 3.6 block: light, efficient and safe

logo_TATFor over three thousand years, sheaves have turned around metal axles. Ino-Rope reinvents blocks with its Textile Axle Technology (TAT).
This new patented technology relies on the use of efficient modern fibres and light materials (plastic, aluminium) with low friction.
The IB 3.6 is the first block of the Ino-Block range to benefit from TAT. Three words sum it up: light, efficient and safe.
The IB 3.6 can be customized: a wide range of colors is available in the catalogue.



The Ino-Block range sets out to conquer open sea racing

pack-shot_IB-3-6Tested throughout a season on Mini 6.50 and Class 40 circuits, the IB 3.6 also underwent a series of lab tests on different test benches.

The IB 3.6 has already sparked the interest of several great open sea racing teams, including one that didn’t wait for the block’s official launch to order some.
Revealed at Amsterdam’s METS, the IB 3.6 block, first model of the Ino-Block range, will be commercialized in January 2015 on the online store.
More details of the project can be found on
Take part in the IB 3.6 launch and vote for your favorite color.


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