Ino-Rope taking on the METS !

13 November 2017

cover_mets_1Once again, Ino-Rope won’t be going empty-handed to Amsterdam this year, for the METS show from 14 to 16th November. Come and meet the Ino-Block LIGHT, the block that should invade the cruising market, a new snatch block, light, safe and practical, and the new range of Ino-Rope soft connectors.


Ino-Block Light : textile blocks for everyone !

From the IB 2.4 to the IB 18, Ino-Blocks only covered working loads ranging from 800 kg to 6 t. Heavy! What about those who sail on lighter rafts where working loads are more reasonable? Are they doomed to sailing in the metal era? Not anymore!

Ino-Rope launches the Ino-Block LIGHT, a textile axle block adapted to low to medium loads, developed in close collaboration with dinghy trainers and Mini 6.50 racers. Designed around an innovative integrated soft connector (that acts as both axle and connector), the Ino-Block LIGHT is an extremely light block, showing performances similar to classic ball bearing blocks. Sturdy and cost-effective the IB LIGHT is a product perfectly adapted to cruising and dinghy sailing and it can also come in handy for racing little systems.

The first two models, the IB 0.6 and the IB 1.2, weigh 8 and 19g respectively for working loads of 200 and 400 kg. Another important technical point: the IB Light are blocks sized for cruising: the sheave of the IB 0.6 can facilitate ropes of up to 8 mm diameter (10 mm for the IB 1.2). Also, the IB LIGHT are available for all (16.5 € ex. tax for the IB 0.6 and 29 € ex. tax for the IB 1.2).


A new snacth block

Poulies ouvrantes Ino-Block At the METS, Ino-Rope will present the prototype of a new snatch block that mixes lightness, resistance and safety, the famous house cocktail that makes heads spin. You can open it by hand, install it without tools, the system is safety pin: a particularly sophisticated product. Extremely safe (safety coefficient of 3) and enjoying a broad range of uses, the new Ino-Block snatch block is ideal to replace a mast foot block that broke for instance. Soon to be produced for higher loads and custom, for racing and super-yachts…


A whole range of soft connectors

Ino-Rope offers a wide range of soft connectors covering a broad range of uses. Mass produced in our workshops in Brittany (in Concarneau more specifically) the Ino-Rope connectors are guaranteed quality manufacturing and customer service at unbeatable price.
Top of the range connectors using high tech materials and technology (UD and braid winding), Ino-Rope also provides more afordable products such as Dyneema soft shackle, or the I-Connect, produced in large quantities, it’s a low cost connector, 8 times lighter than a stainless steel shackle…


Don’t be shy  ! Come on and meet our team on our booth 05.436 !

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