Ino-Blocks are available for sale!

24 March 2015

packshot---IB-2.4-noirLike most beauties, Ino-Block played hard to get! Since 23rd March, they are available for sale on They? Yes! The IB 3.6, whose prototype was revealed at the METS and the Nautic shows, already has a little sister, the IB 2.4.

Just like her older sister, the IB 2.4 benefits from the new TAT technology: a textile axle integrated in an ultra-light structure composed of resistant materials. With an unrivalled weight-resistance ratio, Ino-Block are more efficient than classic blocks.

After the commercialisation of the IB 2.4 and IB 3.6, the Ino-Rope team forges ahead. The next two models, IB 9 and IB 12 are currently in gestation, with a launch planned for July 2015. Of course we’ll let you know about that!

Are you part of the Mini 6.50 class? Lucky you! Julien Barnet and Thibault Reinhart are family members. Enjoy 30% off (starting 25th March) with the promotional code “Borninmini” on and in the shop!



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on Ino-Blocks are available for sale!.
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    Who is your New Zealand agent
    We are the agents for ROPEYE here and we feel it would be a good fit for our company
    So if possible we would like to be the agent for INO BLOCk
    Kind regards
    Peter Morris
    A-Z Marine Services ltd
    PO.Box 580
    Kumeu 0841
    New Zealand

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