Ino-Block are everywhere !

Since their launch this winter, the Ino-Block textile axle blocks have travelled miles with great sailors, on various boats. VOR 70, IMOCA 60, Mini 6.50, Diam 24… Ino-blocks are everywhere! Armel Le Cléac’h (Banque Populaire VIII), Simon Koster, Jonas Gerckens and Damien Cloarec (Mini 6.50 888, 821 and 833) are some of our privileged partners.

As promised, here is some news of the ever growing Ino-Block family. The IB 3.6, 9 and 15 have found a new home on board the new Banque Populaire VIII IMOCA 60. Armel Le Cléac’h ordered customized backstay blocks (IB 9 and IB24) with a considerable role to play: to help support the mast! The mast’s rotation system is also composed of Ino-Blocks (IB 3.6). Since this first partnership, other IMOCA 60 teams knocked on our door, which is always wide open.

In the heavy weight category, Ino-Block has also equipped a Wally 80. Several IBs were lucky to embark on this prestigious sailing boat (main sail halyard, spinnaker sheet block’s) and others can’t wait to climb on board too.

And finally, those who’ve followed the Ino-Block adventure since the beginning: our most loyal supporters the Minis 6.50! Convinced of the quality of the Ino-Block textile axle blocks, lighter, stronger and more efficient than traditional blocks, Simon Koster went all the way to equip his 888, the high tech Mini 6.50: IBs can be found on it from the bow to the stern. The Swiss also entrusted his rigging to Ino-Rope Rigging. Many thanks to him!

We are currently testing the resistance and sustainability of innovative and environmentally-friendly blocks, made from bio-sourced plastic with two other famous mini-sailors, Jonas Gerckens (821) and Damien Cloarec (833). Two recipes, designed by our partner Actuaplast are being tested: one is algae based, Algoblend, and the other is made from sugar cane and wheat. Attention to all foodies: the IB’s future bio-sourced cases are in no way edible.



on Ino-Block are everywhere !.
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    Are these blocks available in the US? I would like to try some out. Thanks wally Foster

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