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News, news, and more Ino-Rope news: new soft protection cases on Ino-Blocks, two new riggers and a new concept of rope traceability via an electronic chip and mobile application!

Ino news… always flexible! :

Ino-Rope is further improving the quality of the protection cases of its Ino-Block: after having launched a bio-sourced resin version (sugar cane or wheat based), the design team is now working on a case as flexible as rubber. What are the advantages? If, by accident, you happen to tread on the block, the case won’t break: it distorts and goes back to its shape! Another point of interest: the block won’t damage the deck due to repeated shocks.



Ino news: keeping track! :

Everyone has heard about food traceability, but not ropes’. Done! Thanks to a NFC1 chip inserted under the Ino-Rope sticker at the rope ending, it is possible to access the rope’s identity card. For instance: Dyneema core mainsail halyard, polyester cover; Dyneema masthead overcover, polyester/technora clutch cover. The chip also tells you the date it was made and when it should go back to the workshop. The customer can find out when it is reasonable to unrig the rope for its revision. To access this info, simply download the smartphone application and scan the chip 1 cm away from the Ino-Rope sticker.


Two Newcomers at Ino :

Growth spurts require a lot of energy! Ino-Rope, always growing, has hired two new riggers who realize customized rigging in the Concarneau workshop.


 The Ino-Block fan of the month :

Cédric, in charge of hardware at the Marée Haute2 shipyard:
“My job is to always be on the lookout for new technologies to increase our sailboats’ performance and efficiency. Our customers enjoy cruising but they like to sail fast! The resistance and the weight of the Ino-Blocks immediately convinced us. And their funky design matches our Django’s styles. Plus, we’re delighted to work with a local partner!”


1 NFC (Near Field Communication) : Short-range high frequency wireless communication technology.

2The Marée Haute shipyard is located in Trégunc, near Concarneau. It builds a range of fast cruising sailboats, the Django (

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