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19 January 2018

Ino au Boot


Let us begin with formal – yet heartfelt – wishes: all of the Ino-Rope team wishes you the best for 2018, on land and at sea! Ino-Rope starts the year with the Boot in Düsseldorf. You can find us at booth 11D46, from 20th to 28th January!


2018: great premises, great projects!

The end of the year was very busy for Ino-Rope who left Kaïros to settle in its own 1,500 m² buildings. With ten employees and more to come, the team was overgrowing her first home! Purchasing premises suited to the size of the company’s projects brought a gust of fresh air, allowing us all to step on it.

Ino Team

Firmly rooted in the nautical world and driven by its research and development activity, the company now sets off in the industrial sector: robotics, aeronautics, telecommunications, offshore, submarine works, lifting, architecture, etc. In short, all of the cutting-edge fields seeking innovative textile solutions are concerned!

Ino-Rope remains faithful to its hometown of Concarneau and continues to grow within the local business network. If you would like to pay us a visit or join us, please take note of our new address:


24 rue Jacques-Noël SANE
29900 Concarneau – France
Tél : +33 2 22 94 07 08


Boot Düsseldorf: starring, the IB Light


Presented at the METS in Amsterdam and at the Paris NAUTIC, the new Ino-Block LIGHT (IB 0.6 and IB 1.2) were met with much enthusiasm. The IB LIGHT is a textile axle block adapted to low to medium loads, designed around an innovative integrated textile connector (it fills both functions of axle and connector).


1.2 et 0.6

Light, compact, efficient, reliable and cost-effective, the IB LIGHT is a product that is available to the greater public! Dinghy, cruising but also open sea racing (stacking, lazy jack…), all types of sailors are concerned. Those who have not yet met her can do so at the Boot Düsseldorf from 20th to 28th January, at booth 11D46.


Zoom on the IB LIGHT:

  • The IB 0.6 and IB 1.2 weigh 8 g and 19 g for working loads of 200 kg and 400 kg.
  • The sheave on the IB 0.6 is ideal for ropes up to 8 mm (10 mm for the IB 1.2).
  • Price wise, the IB 0.6 costs 16.5 € exc. tax and the IB 1.2 is 29 € exc. tax.


Don’t be shy  ! Come on and meet our team on our booth 11D46 

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